Thou Shalt Not Be Boring

It started with an insult:

“Priscilla’s boring.”

I was the quiet kid in class and my jackass of a classmate was having none of it. He yelled how dull I was and demanded a seat change during English. Charming, ain’t he?

I’ve had my fair share of snubs hurled in my face (e.g. bigoted arsehole, ugly), but boring was, hands down, the worse.

It was an attack on my personality. And since I write with personality – like all writers do – doesn’t this mean my writing’s boring too?

This episode happened nearly a decade ago, but the memory of it is still garden-fresh in my mind. So much that it would eventually evolved into a knowledge nugget:

Boring kills.

And I’ve made it my M.O to avoid doing just that.

7 thoughts on “Thou Shalt Not Be Boring

  1. Christopher Bland says:

    Keep going and don’t let anyone ever discourage you. You are bright and very beautiful and intelligent and what you write is your own unique style. I love it and it might not mean much to you coming from a complete stranger but I’m telling ya. You have my full support sweetheart. Keep doing ya thang…β˜ΊπŸ‘

      • Christopher Bland says:

        Your very welcome my friend…. Don’t ever give up on this art we have. Seriously… And in the word of Mr Bernie mack……. IF THEY DON’T LIKE YOU FOR YOU…. FUCK’ EM!!! Lol… Never change who you are for no one… Your awesome just the way you are… And sorry if I’ve said to much.

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