Don’t Be Like Waldo

Ever played a game of Where’s Waldo?

How long did you take to find him?

Think back to your aha moment.

Waldo is known for his striking red-and-white striped shirt and fur pom pom hat.

Logic says we need only a few seconds to locate him – piece of cake, right?

Don't be like Waldo

He’s killing it.

There’s just one problem.

Everyone looks almost the same.

And it’s taking us aeons to track him down.

Waldo – despite rocking a striking outfit – looks as though he’s masked by a horde of doppelgängers.

Like this:

Don't be like Waldo

And to think that we were dumbstruck when we were playing “Find the Panda”…

It’s pretty much impossible for him to stand out anymore.

And this is exactly what’s going on in the world.

Except in this case, you’re Waldo and your competitors are the doppelgängers.

Everyone’s talking about their products and services in the same, conventional way – and it’s crushing their brand.

Imagine the amount of hype (and profits) driven away.

All those potential, gone.

Your idea, brilliant as it is, could be withering away because of the sea of sameness.

Don’t be like Waldo. Don’t blend in.

Be loud. Stand out.

The world is ready for you.

The question is, how are you going to do it?

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