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The 5 Critical Elements Of A Readworthy Website (3 min read) 

The internet age – where kids these days can beat us in Candy Crush without so much as blinking an eye. This means one thing.  Having a website for your business? It can't hurt. Because word of mouth gets the first attention and a readworthy website seals the deal.  These two pack a potent punch. If you've been [...]

change is coming (let's hope it's the good kind) image

Change is Coming (Let’s Hope It’s The Good Kind)

  No intro needed. Let's just dive in:   + New domain Exabytes is back as a sponsor for this little webby. I feel like a tribute from The Hunger Games, minus the heartache and violence. If you run a small business and could use a free domain and web hosting, drop Exabytes a note right here. They do great work.   [...]

To Infinity & Beyond Copywriting Service

Fact: Buzz Lightyear is cool beans. About a month ago, I got an email from a prospective client enquiring about my copywriting service. Right off the bat, we ping-ponged and swapped ideas about her business. I'd thought our brainstorming session was going well – until she replied that our emails were getting too much to handle. It burned [...]

10 Easy Ways To Amp Up Your Copywriting

  Last October, I fell back in love with copywriting – so much that I’m ready to give it another go. I’m taking my skills to a higher tier and I'm hunting, Steve Irwin-style, for copywriting projects for 2017. And since I'm still pretty new at this, I'm offering a learning rate. If this tickles [...]

Don’t Be Like Waldo

Ever played a game of Where's Waldo? How long did you take to find him? Think back to your aha moment. Waldo is known for his striking red-and-white striped shirt and fur pom pom hat. Logic says we need only a few seconds to locate him – piece of cake, right? There's just one problem. Everyone looks almost the same. And [...]

Thou Shalt Not Be Boring

It started with an insult: "Priscilla's boring." I was the quiet kid in class and my jackass of a classmate was having none of it. He yelled how dull I was and demanded a seat change during English. Charming, ain't he? I've had my fair share of snubs hurled in my face (e.g. bigoted arsehole, ugly), [...]

13 Things I’ll Be Doing Differently In 2017

1. Screen my clients. Writing chops and great work ethic are never enough. When the chemistry is off, the chemistry is off. 2. Have more fun with my work, but don't go overboard. I just discovered how much fun (probably a little too much) I have with using metaphors in my articles. I'm also learning to [...]