Gilmore girls winter

Pick Your Lorelai

In honour of Lauren Graham's new book, Talking As Fast As I Can, I'm sharing my favourite Lorelai Gilmore moment today! On Love and War and Snow, there's this scene where Lane's hormones get the best of her and it leads her to touch her crush's hair, without his permission... Embarrassed that she just made a fool of herself [...]


Every weekday at around eight o'clock in the morning, I hang my clothes out to dry. If you're a non-Singaporean folk, this is how we do it: It's a mixture of dread and comfort. Comfort, because sorting out my laundry helps me plan my day. Dread, because the old man from the opposite apartment block is watching [...]

Bewitched Sheila Sommers

8 Ways You Can Stand Out In A Sea Of Sameness

Because shit's about to get real, and lately, it's been all about drumming up the hype. Don't fix your teeth – yep, that vampire-ish teeth of yours is a trademark. But remember to brush them, because you don't want to pull a Sheila Sommers. Case in point: Wear a compelling outfit. Your go-to solution could be a 'Marilyn [...]

Potential first-lines for a novel or screenplay

Potential one-liners for a novel/screenplay

I get first dibs. "I can tie my shoelace on my own; we're not filming Descendants of the Sun." "Last night, I saw Dad felt up Mum. My eyes, they burned." "You can't be witty in Hokkien." "She's a bully harassed by bullies." "Ma has always been emotionally immature. Somehow menopause set it free." "Life [...]

Will you make it?

Accept that you'll probably never make it. Accept the cold hard truth that you'll probably never get published; never find the love of your life; never find a breakthrough in your career; never be content with your life. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't try. You know what, scratch that. You will make it. Prove those barfbags wrong.

People pleasing, what lengths will you go to?

I had a horrible flashback (more on that in the future) when I read this comment left on a forum: "I wish I was more of a people-pleaser. Then people would have liked me more." No, you don't. There's a fine line between being a people-pleaser and being likeable. I know because my toe's been on [...]

“Volunteer because it makes you feel good.”

It's not about you. It's about them. I can't help but roll my eyes whenever I see people sharing their volunteering activities on social media with the status, "Volunteer, because it feels so good." It looks as though we're asking for something in return – to pat ourselves on the back. Volunteer because you want to and they [...]

Trolls, jerks, and more trolls

"Rubbish." "You're a bigoted arsehole." "Kill yourself." Outrageous, isn't it? In this digital age, insults like these are inescapable. When it comes to dealing with bullies – both on and offline – there's no secret formula. All you can do is ditch your ego; use your common sense to see if it's trolling or useful criticism; and get angry and move on. Go outside [...]