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The 5 Critical Elements Of A Readworthy Website (3 min read) 

The internet age – where kids these days can beat us in Candy Crush without so much as blinking an eye. This means one thing.  Having a website for your business? It can't hurt. Because word of mouth gets the first attention and a readworthy website seals the deal.  These two pack a potent punch. If you've been [...]

To Infinity & Beyond Copywriting Service

Fact: Buzz Lightyear is cool beans. About a month ago, I got an email from a prospective client enquiring about my copywriting service. Right off the bat, we ping-ponged and swapped ideas about her business. I'd thought our brainstorming session was going well – until she replied that our emails were getting too much to handle. It burned [...]

Don’t Be Like Waldo

Ever played a game of Where's Waldo? How long did you take to find him? Think back to your aha moment. Waldo is known for his striking red-and-white striped shirt and fur pom pom hat. Logic says we need only a few seconds to locate him – piece of cake, right? There's just one problem. Everyone looks almost the same. And [...]