Don’t Be Like Waldo

Ever played a game of Where's Waldo? How long did you take to find him? Think back to your aha moment. Waldo is known for his striking red-and-white striped shirt and fur pom pom hat. Logic says we need only a few seconds to locate him – piece of cake, right? There's just one problem. Everyone looks almost the same. And [...]

13 Things I’ll Be Doing Differently In 2017

1. Screen my clients. Writing chops and great work ethic are never enough. When the chemistry is off, the chemistry is off. 2. Have more fun with my work, but don't go overboard. I just discovered how much fun (probably a little too much) I have with using metaphors in my articles. I'm also learning to [...]


Every weekday at around eight o'clock in the morning, I hang my clothes out to dry. If you're a non-Singaporean folk, this is how we do it: It's a mixture of dread and comfort. Comfort, because sorting out my laundry helps me plan my day. Dread, because the old man from the opposite apartment block is watching [...]