13 Things I’ll Be Doing Differently In 2017

1. Screen my clients. Writing chops and great work ethic are never enough. When the chemistry is off, the chemistry is off. 2. Have more fun with my work, but don't go overboard. I just discovered how much fun (probably a little too much) I have with using metaphors in my articles. I'm also learning to [...]

Potential first-lines for a novel or screenplay

Potential one-liners for a novel/screenplay

I get first dibs. "I can tie my shoelace on my own; we're not filming Descendants of the Sun." "Last night, I saw Dad felt up Mum. My eyes, they burned." "You can't be witty in Hokkien." "She's a bully harassed by bullies." "Ma has always been emotionally immature. Somehow menopause set it free." "Life [...]