Bewitched Sheila Sommers

8 Ways You Can Stand Out In A Sea Of Sameness

Because shit's about to get real, and lately, it's been all about drumming up the hype. Don't fix your teeth – yep, that vampire-ish teeth of yours is a trademark. But remember to brush them, because you don't want to pull a Sheila Sommers. Case in point: Wear a compelling outfit. Your go-to solution could be a 'Marilyn [...]

People pleasing, what lengths will you go to?

I had a horrible flashback (more on that in the future) when I read this comment left on a forum: "I wish I was more of a people-pleaser. Then people would have liked me more." No, you don't. There's a fine line between being a people-pleaser and being likeable. I know because my toe's been on [...]

“Volunteer because it makes you feel good.”

It's not about you. It's about them. I can't help but roll my eyes whenever I see people sharing their volunteering activities on social media with the status, "Volunteer, because it feels so good." It looks as though we're asking for something in return – to pat ourselves on the back. Volunteer because you want to and they [...]

Trolls, jerks, and more trolls

"Rubbish." "You're a bigoted arsehole." "Kill yourself." Outrageous, isn't it? In this digital age, insults like these are inescapable. When it comes to dealing with bullies – both on and offline – there's no secret formula. All you can do is ditch your ego; use your common sense to see if it's trolling or useful criticism; and get angry and move on. Go outside [...]