Kind Words From Kind Clients

Copywriting Kapow testimonial

Sarah-Eden Chan, 24 Saturn Founder & CEO

“What strikes me about Priscilla is her ability to ask the right questions to capture the personality of a brand and the people she interviews. She writes pieces that pull you into the conversation and keeps them fun. At the end of the article, you feel as though you’ve just gotten to know someone new. […]

Copywriting Kapow testimonial

Noemie Alintissar-Mooney, FirstCOUNSEL Co-founder

“We recently worked with Priscilla in the context of a feature on Vulcan Post. Priscilla was professional, friendly and helpful throughout the process and ended up writing a great piece for us that helped get a lot of good publicity for FirstCOUNSEL. For that, we’re thankful for Priscilla’s help and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her service.”

Copywriting Kapow testimonial

Michelle Poler, Fearless Speaker

“Priscilla volunteered to help edit articles for Hello Fears and did a wonderful job! She was quick, responsive, invested and added some really nice creative touches to the writing. She is a creative and really kind person that I’d love to work with again, and again!”

Copywriting Kapow testimonial

Samuel Huang, Yodaa Founder

“It’s always a pleasure working with somebody who exudes genuine passion for her craft. And this is very much evident in Priscilla’s case.”

Looi Qin En, Glints Co-Founder

“Priscilla was our blogger for one year and I can definitely testify to her strong work ethic and responsiveness. Definitely someone awesome to work with!”

Copywriting Kapow testimonial

Jenn Granneman, Introvert Dear Founder

“Readers really connected with what Priscilla wrote. Her article on Introvert Dear was a hit! It got a lot of positive comments on Facebook and on the article itself. I’d love to have her write again.”

Copywriting Kapow testimonial

Louis Viallet, Soundsgood CMO & Co-founder

“I was impressed with Priscilla’s outstanding commitment in Soundsgood over the months, and of course, her kindness. Priscilla would be a true asset for any positions requiring creativity and writing skills. She comes with my heartfelt recommendation.”

A kind reader

“You eloquently described what, all my life, I never could. For all the people who read it and have felt like they’re the only ones in the world trying to cope, you’ve let them know they are not alone.”