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Change is Coming (Let’s Hope It’s The Good Kind)


No intro needed. Let’s just dive in:


+ New domain

Exabytes is back as a sponsor for this little webby.

I feel like a tribute from The Hunger Games, minus the heartache and violence.

If you run a small business and could use a free domain and web hosting, drop Exabytes a note right here.

They do great work.


+ New theme

I dumped Pique for Sela.

It wasn’t a mutual breakup.

Lorelai Gilmore says we need to wallow so… I created graphics on Canva to pretty it up.

There’s still a lot of work to be done like fixing the CSS, editing the pages, and upping my rates.

Yep, it turns out I’ve been seriously undercharging myself.



+ latest Writing accomplishment

I just wrapped up two exciting editorial collaborations.

Here’s one of them.

It’s an article on creating a magnetic one-line elevator pitch.

If you struggle with introducing yourself—whether at a job interview or a networking event—read it and put the tricks into practice.


+ Quora Most Viewed Writers (for now)

Is the universe telling me to write a how-to guide on freelance copywriting?

Because if it is, this is it.

Quora Copywriting Kapow


+ if you’re a writer, here’s a reminder

A wise woman once said,

“Trying to edit your own work is like trying to lick your own elbow. You’re just too close to it.”

This makes me look at my work in a less critical way.

And if you’re a writer, I hope it’ll help you too.

Be kind to yourself, capisce?


+ Networking, eek!

I attended my first networking event early this month.

A major accomplishment because I’m a recovering recluse.

A big win even though my socially awkward self took over.


+ Going back to my roots

It’s been years since I properly listened to Mandarin songs, so I was surprised when I finally discovered a musician I genuinely like.

This isn’t a diss against Chinese musicians.

It’s not them.

It’s my lack of an effort.

Anyway, Zhao Lei’s debut album is a stunning achievement.

If anyone knows where to buy his albums in Singapore, point me to the right direction?


+ Writing a picture book

Now you know why some of my sentences rhyme.

I’ve been working on my solo writing project and it’s rubbed off on me.

I’m aiming to get it done by July.

Fingers crossed.


I’m still scratching my head if I ought to continue blogging. If you have any writing topic you’d like me to tackle, drop me your suggestion at priscilla[at]

Here’s to a rockin’ June!



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