How I Work

The Copywriting Kapow copywriting process is specifically for copywriting (not content writing) projects.

One idea. Five stages. Zero limits.

Let’s roll.


Stage 1: Chemistry Test

What it means: Project, deadline, budget talk

Tell me about the brief scope of your project, budget, and desired deadline — and I’ll proceed to ask my Magic 8 Ball if our stars align. When all goes well, I’ll send you an easy-to-read contract and an invoice for a 50% down deposit.

The 50% deposit is required to kick start your project. This way, I can make your project a priority.

PS: The Magic 8 Ball doesn’t exist. My randomness comes and goes.


STAGE 2: Hotline bling

What it means: Creative brief questionnaire

20+ questions. 45 minutes of your brain time. We’ll hop on a phone call. (Or email, if that’s the way you roll.) We’ll dive deeper into your vision and the direction of your copy.

To ensure a smooth-sailing and time-saving collaboration, I’ll send you the creative brief before hopping on a call. This gives you ample time to prepare.

And hey, there is nothing to worry about! The creative brief isn’t a test. It’s merely a “Get to know you” quiz that allows me to really understand your goals for your business.


STAGE 3: the book of love

What it means: Writing time

I’ll draw up an outline and send it to you before I work on the first draft. Once you give me the green light, I’ll whip up a draft and spice it up according to what you’ve given me in your creative brief. I’ll need at least two weeks for this.

This is also the stage where I’d interview your dream customers to nail your copy.

I use Google Docs heavily, so get ready, my friend.


STAGE 4: build god, then we’ll talk

What it means: Feedback time

I send the first draft to you and you share your feedback. Respectful honesty is required and encouraged. 3 revisions are already included in the package. Additional revisions at 20%.


STAGE 5: it’s go time

What it means: Final round

I tweak the draft further and we’re done! You send me the final 50% and I’ll send you the final copy. Give me a shout when your work goes live. This oompa loompa wants to support you. It’s all good vibes here.